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Bowling Dog Blake the Goldendoodle

You may have heard of an alley cat, but have you seen a goldendoodle puppy bowl?

Well, now you have!

Eight-month-old Blake has been hitting pins since he was big enough to push a ball off a kid’s bowling ramp. Blake and his unusual canine hobby fit right in with his family, who are the proud owners of KT Lanes — a small bowling center in Emmett, Idaho.

The center is named for Terri Simpson’s daughter Katelyn (KT), who has had an impressive bowling career, first competing on the team at the University of Pikeville in Kentucky and then becoming the college team’s graduate assistant coach.

When Blake hit 12 weeks old, Katelyn started sharing her bowling prowess with the fluffy pup, creating a way for him to send the ball rolling down the lane by using the ramp often reserved for kids’ parties.

“We ask Blake to ‘stay’ or ‘wait’ and we place the ball on the ramp.  When we are ready for him to push it, we tell him ‘okay’ and he will come up and either push it with his front paws or surround it and push it with his chest,” Terri told PEOPLE via email about how the puppy likes to bowl. “He sometimes pushes it and goes to the side of the ramp and watches it go down the lane to hit pins.  He has never tried to chase the ball down the lane. And always wants a ‘high-5’ after he bowls.”

After a few months of training, Blake, who is named after PEOPLE’s most recent Sexiest Man Alive, is still a beginner bowler with a high score of 93, but one that also manages to get the occasional strike or spare.

Terri admits that her talented pet is often “only as good as the person lining up the ramp.”

But Blake shouldn’t be denied all the credit. This alley dog picked up the basics of bowling in just 20 minutes according to his owner. “He is the smartest dog we have ever had.  He is so easy to train and picks up any new tricks very easily.  We swear he understands English.”

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The results are a win for everyone. Not only does Blake get to enjoy a new kind of thrill, he also brings a smile to anyone lucky enough to step into KT Lanes during his monthly practice sessions. Not surprisingly, he has quickly amassed an adoring fanbase, including several of KT Lanes’ special needs bowlers, who like to bring Blake treats when they stop by for a game.

When Blake isn’t knocking down pins or managing his growing Instagram page, he can be found running through the park, solving brain game toys and spreading joy everywhere he goes.

Terri hopes that, come this summer, Blake and his new fur sibling Adam, named after Blake Shelton’s BFF Adam Levine (of course), will be able to join the family on camping trips. She also hopes to enroll Blake in therapy dog training so he can bring his positive energy to those who could use an extra dose of cuddly happiness.

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