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There are two types of Luxury boat rental in Montauk. One is for a single person, and the other is a small party. A single vacationer will have a larger boat’s facilities and amenities and the added benefit of living on board and having more space and personal belongings. At the same time, a party will have the conveniences of a larger boat with live entertainment and on-board staff, but will not be allowed to leave port until they have rented a yacht or accommodation of their own. Luxury boat rentals in Montauk are available at various times of the year, and you will also find that there are package deals available depending on what you and your party want to do or see.

You will find that there are many charter services in the area, and many of them specialize in providing yachts, cruises, luxury vessels, and charter services. They will provide everything from providing the boat and skipper or crew, providing the equipment and facilities for a trip, including food and drinks, and providing docking or slips for your craft. You can select a chartered yacht to meet your needs, whether you want a traditional family vacation or a romantic honeymoon getaway. There are many places in and around Montauk where you can pick up a charter and then spend the day sailing or relaxing in the yacht or onboard the various activities.

When you are looking at luxury boat rentals in Montauk, you will want to make sure that the boat is well maintained and is in good condition. You do not want to rent a boat that is broken or out of repair when you are so close to departing for your trip. If you choose to use the Internet, you will want to view pictures of the boat to get an idea of its condition. If you are not comfortable viewing the boat online, you may want to contact the customer service number and ask directly. When you make the reservation for the boat, they should send it to you by courier so that you can take it where you need to go and enjoy your vacation.


Montauk Boat Club
Corporate Office
58 S Erie Ave Ste 300,
Montauk, NY 11954
(631) 274-1327


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