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cat boarding

Taking your cat to a Sonoran Desert Pet Resort will allow him or her to interact with other cats and dogs of their own breed. This will give them a chance to socialize and learn how to get along better with others when they’re all indoors in a small enclosed space. Your furry friend can play freely and roam around the Sonoran desert in his very own habitat, getting lots of exercise and interacting with his fellow mammals. You should check with your vet to see what they recommend for your pet’s health before booking your cat at one of these lovely places. Make sure that there is plenty of water available for your cat because they don’t seem to like fountains and can get really dehydrated if they are forced to drink too much water in a short period.




Sonoran Desert Pet Resort
42323 N Vision Way #113, Phoenix, AZ 85086, United States
(623) 551-5299



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