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Police Dog Retires to Standing Ovation

Make room! Very good dog coming through!

Bronx, a 9-year-old Belgian malinois, enjoyed a hero’s goodbye on Jan. 5.

The canine recently retired from Bakersfield Police Department SWAT Team. Since 2010, the loyal employee helped the police sniff out trouble and educate the public on the importance of thinking about safety first.

For his entire career, Bronx has been working with human partner and handler Senior Officer Chris Dalton. The pair became part of the SWAT team in 2014, and in 2018, Bronx took a final stroll down the department’s halls. He wasn’t alone; his coworkers lined the hallway to see the pooch off.

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In the video shared by the Bakersfield Police Department, you see Bronx, ball in mouth, proudly say his goodbyes while exiting to a stand ovation.

Bronx now has his whole retired life ahead of him, which he will continue to share with his partner. According to ABC News, Officer Dalton will continue to care for his canine companion at home.

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