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Momma Dog Abandoned in the Cold Leads Rescuers to Her Three Needy Puppies

A trip to visit family led Lacey and Audra Wheeler to expand theirs.

The couple was driving back from a Christmas Eve celebration in Indiana when they spotted what they thought was a sick baby deer cowering on the side of the road.

As they got closer, they realized it was a dog who seemed in desperate need of help.

“She was actually trying to eat some roadkill, because she was pretty hungry,” Lacey told ABC6.

Once the women got out of the car and approached the dog, they saw signs on the canine’s body that she had recently given birth. Sure enough, the mother dog soon led Lacey and Audra to her three puppies huddled together a few feet away from the road.

“If these puppies had wandered 15 feet they would have been possibly road kill,” said Audra.

Not about to leave the little family behind, the couple loaded the mom and her three kids into their car and, unable to find a shelter along the way with room to take the dogs, brought the bunch to their Ohio home.

It’s a full house! The furry family is living with the Wheelers two other dogs. The animal lovers are working with the Columbus Dog Connection to find homes for their guests. Lacey and Audra are confident that it won’t be long until all of the dogs have forever homes, especially since mom is house-trained and the puppies are almost there too.

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While this is good news for potential adopters, it also means the animal family was most likely dumped by their previous owner.

“These guys will bring so much joy into someone’s life,” said Audra. “So just give them a chance, they deserve a chance.”

If you have the space to give one of these dogs a chance, contact the Columbus Dog Connection for more information.

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