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WATCH: Police Dog Proves He Is the Ultimate Good Boy by Giving Officer CPR

McGruff and Scooby help stop crime, but Poncho is a little more “paws-on” with how he saves lives.

The police dog has become an online sensation, after the Municipal Police of Madrid tweeted out a video of the canine showing off his CPR skills.

The clip shows Poncho promptly administering chest compressions to an officer who has pretended to collapse on the ground in cardiac distress. Instead of giving mouth-to-mouth, the police dog opts to snuggle up to the officer’s neck to feel for their pulse, reports TIME.

After a successful demonstration, Poncho is rewarded for this heroic work.

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According to CBS News, this impressive clip, which has been viewed over 2 million times, was filmed at a first aid awareness event at a school in Spain.

While Poncho is great at mimicking what CPR looks like, he does not actually use this life-saving skill on people in need. The Cocker Spaniel is brought along to these events as a fun way to engage kids in the audience. Poncho’s day job is to detect explosives for the police.

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