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Dog Given Up by Owners Returns Home Twice

Cathleen, a Great Pyrenees mix, may appear to look very happy-go-lucky in her photographs, but don’t be fooled: she is one determined doggo.

In a Jan. 8 Facebook post by the Seminole Humane Society/Seminole Animal Shelter, the beautiful and loving 6-year-old pup’s incredible story was shared with the world.

As the shelter explains, Cathleen’s original owners moved homes and were unable to keep her in their new Seminole, Oklahoma, house. So, the original family, who loved her very much, decided to rehome the furry lass with someone in Prague, a town about 20 miles away.

Cathleen, however, had other ideas. The canine — described as “precious,” “kind,” “humble” and “passive” — has made the 20-mile trek through Oklahoma neighborhoods back to her previous owners’ house two times now. This scenario is the reason why Seminole Humane Society/Animal Shelter has “stepped in to assist Cathleen on her next journey.”

According to the animal rescue organization, Cathleen is “sweet and loves food. She is healthy, house broken, doesn’t pull on a leash and loves to be around children. Cathleen has a calm temperament and wouldn’t hurt a fly. She does great with other dogs. We are looking for an inside home for Cathleen with a fenced yard. Someone who has patience and is seeking a passive doggie.”

As it turns out, Cathleen was in high demand once her story hit social media. Seminole Humane Society/Animal Shelter posted on Jan. 12 that the loyal pup was adopted by a forever family who matched with her special criteria. Congratulations to the lucky new owners, and best wishes to Cathleen in her future, hopefully more homebody-ish, lifestyle.


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